Naya Wig

Introducing the Naya Wig, a true masterpiece crafted from raw Curly Burmese single donor double drawn hair, renowned for its uniquely beautiful and thick curly texture. Our artisans meticulously preserve the natural cuticles through a specialized manufacturing process, ensuring impeccable alignment and longevity. This results in a wig that not only exudes natural beauty but also boasts exceptional durability, remaining resilient even after countless washes and styling sessions. Experience the effortless glamour and confidence of the Naya Wig, knowing that its luxurious texture will endure the test of time with ease. Elevate your style with this exquisite piece, where quality meets sophistication in perfect harmony.

Photos – 5×5 HD Closure | 30″ | 400g | Bleached Knots & Customised Hairline Included

Processing Time-12-15 working days.

£ 539.00£ 1,155.00

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